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Mohammad Muid Zacaria enthroned as Sultan of Tugaya

Mohammad Muid Zacaria
Enthroned as Sultan sa Tugaya
(By: Prof. Haron Pangcoga)

Mohammad Muid is enthroned as new Royal Sultan of the Sultanate of Tugaya in a ceremony held at Ingud Poblacion, Tugaya Lanao del Sur last February 23, 2014.

Looking into the personality, life-story, and character of Sultan Mohammad Muid, the following is a sypnosis of his biography.

Crowned Royal Sultan Mohammad Muid Tocalo Manugangcar Disomnong Zacaria, Al Hajj, born on March 1, 1966, to a family of businessmen at Tugaya Lanao del Sur. His father Shiekh Zacaria Moka Disomnong, was a leading wholesaler of goods at the Municipality of Dansalan (now the Marawi City) in the early 50’s up to 70’s. His mother Hadja Omensalam Tocalo Manugangcar Zacaria, former Bae a Diamla sa Tugaya, is branded as one of the so called “Walo A Intsik sa Tugaya” becuase she is a member of the family who engaged in trading and heavily competing with the Chinese business tycoon in Dansalan market at that time.

Mohammad Muid is fondly called by his friends and relatives as Meller. He is recently elected as Baranggay Chairman in Dilimbayan Tugaya Lanao del sur, the biggest barangay at Tugaya. He was not dreaming for the position in the government but his friends induced him to run becuase he is seemingly fit as public servant. He is always leading some voluntary services to his neighbors and the community. The truth, according to his friends, is that Meller is happy to give and he enjoys in sharing.

Settie Malikah Arumpac Macarambon Datu Ramos Zacaria of Balindong Lanao del Sur is the wife of Sultan Mohammad Muid. She is a member of a leading professional family. Her family background is composed of good lawyers, school supervisors, doctors, CPA’s, dentists, and Engineers including the former Vice Governor Atty. Dimapuno Datu Ramos.

Meller is the illustrious youngest of seven brothers and sisters. His brothers are Datu Ismael Zacaria, Datu Cader Zacaria (deceased), Datu Alykhan Zacaria, and his sisters are Hadja Aiza Datu Ramos, Hadja Sohra Z. Amito and Hadja Norhaya Z. Pangcoga. The Zacaria Family has choosen trading as a economic way of life.

photography Najib Alyhar Zacaria



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